The US reports that China is creating “super soldiers” and has already done tests on humans

December 15, 2020

According to US intelligence reports, China is “the greatest threat” to their country and they assure that the Asian giant did tests on humans to create biologically improved “super soldiers.”

“When you start playing with genetic organisms, there could be unforeseen consequences,” said a China affairs consultant and a former Navy officer.

China reportedly conducted “human tests” with members of the People’s Liberation Army, hoping to develop soldiers with “biologically superior capabilities.”

John Ratcliffe, director of national intelligence, made these controversial revelations in an opinion piece published by The Wall Street Journal. “There are no ethical limits to Beijing’s quest for power,” he wrote.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has not yet ruled on these statements about whether China seeks to create ‘super soldiers’ like those that appear in Hollywood films such as Captain America.

Last year, two American academics also wrote an article in which they referred to China’s ambitions to apply biotechnology to the military sphere, to improve human performance, as a gene-editing technology, known as CRISPR, used to treat genetic diseases. and modifying plants, but that scientists consider it unethical to manipulate human genes to improve the performance of healthy people.

“While the potential harnessing of CRISPR to increase human capabilities on the battlefields of the future remains only a hypothetical possibility at present, there are indications that Chinese military researchers are beginning to explore its potential,” the scholars wrote, Elsa Kania, an expert on Chinese defense technologies at the Center for a New American Security, and Wilson VornDick, a consultant on China affairs and a former Navy officer.

In short, the message of Ratcliffe’s op-ed is that China is a dangerous adversary that threatens US economic and national security.

“The People’s Republic of China represents the greatest threat to the United States today, and the greatest threat to democracy and freedom worldwide since World War II,” he wrote. The intelligence is clear: Beijing intends to dominate the United States and the rest of the planet economically, militarily and technologically, he added.

Ratcliffe urged President-elect Joe Biden to “be honest” about China. Biden and his foreign policy advisers agree that China poses a major threat, but they accuse the Trump Administration responded to this threat with more bluster than substance.

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