Two llamas ate the Christmas wreaths that adorned a London zoo

December 14, 2020

Ande and her mother Dainty, two llamas from the London Zoo, could not resist the temptation and enjoyed a lunch of decorative Christmas wreaths that employees had just put on their bars, according to the park.

It was possible to record the fact in images that were shared by the zoo, where it is appreciated how an employee hangs the Christmas decoration on a pole of the fence of the flames, at which time the two animals approach to eat the wreath.

“Ande definitely makes the naughty list this year. We made wreaths of edible plants and trees that grow at the zoo in case they caught their attention, but we thought our visitors would at least have a chance to see our hard work before llamas took a bite or two, “they say at the zoo.

According to Hattie Sire, a zookeeper, “Ande was definitely the ringleader, so he makes the naughty list, while his mother, Dainty, also happens because she was following suit.” As for the Trigger alpaca, it makes the list of good guys, as it wasn’t drawn to edible ornaments.

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