Chinese doctor whose skin darkened after contracting coronavirus reappears

Yi Fan, the cardiologist whose skin suddenly darkened while being treated for coronavirus, made an appearance in public for the first time after presenting the clinical picture but now with his color returned to normal.

“Academician Wang Chen is my savior. I need to thank you, of course, ”said 42-year-old Yi Fan who recovered at home from COVID-19 for more than four months.

His colleague Hu Weifeng also darkened his skin and later died.

The People’s Daily of China showed a current photo of Yi who is a cardiologist at Wuhan Central Hospital, the epicenter of the novel coronavirus pandemic, was hospitalized with his colleague, Dr. Hu Weifeng both received treatments that inexplicably began to darken your skin.

The specialists explained that the doctors suffered from liver dysfunction, which caused an increase in their pigmentation levels but that they could later regain their normal skin color.

One of them, Hu, was in bed for 99 days on a ventilator but ultimately lost his life on June 2.

On the other hand, Yi survived and recovered his skin tone, although he confessed that he felt fear when he saw himself in the mirror and had to receive psychological treatment.

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