Effective plan in Germany to contain new coronavirus outbreaks


In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, the German Government has contact with the 16 federal states of the country, who will carry out a strategy that allows them to act effectively in the face of possible new outbreaks of coronavirus in their region. According to the Bild tabloid, it is specifically analyzing how to carry out the fastest tests and what obstacles they will have towards social life and economic activity to be able to adapt to the affected municipalities immediately.

By getting new outbreaks of the coronavirus faster, the German government wants to build trust between the federal states after having several frictions caused by displacement within the territory of residents of the outbreak areas.

The last deal that was made between the central government and the federated states was through a videoconference of the minister in Chancellery Helge Braun, with all the delegates of the 16 states, in which they were developing this matter, but no agreement was reached. . In the following days it is foreseen that there will be similar virtual meetings, although at the moment there is no established date for meetings at the highest level in which the commitment between the parties is confirmed.

Through a survey by the Forsa demoscopic center, it turned out that many Germans have strong concerns about a possible second wave. In percentages, 40% of those questioned assure that this phenomenon will occur and the other 40% that it may be probable. Also bearing in mind that 65% of all respondents value the measures established by the German authorities; 17% prefer that the measures be stricter and the other 17% consider that they are excessively strict measures.

A study was conducted and it turned out that those most affected by the crisis of the coronavirus pandemic are the weakest socioeconomic groups, autonomous, single-parent families and women. 40% of self-employed people raise their children alone and they are currently left without work due to the coronavirus.

During the second semester of this year due to the coronavirus crisis, the German industry still does not believe that the decrease in VAT will activate economic activity in the country of Germany. A survey published this Wednesday by members of the association of medium-sized companies ZBV results that 17% affirm that this measure will encourage the consumption of products especially manufacturers (footwear, textiles and small tools). And the other percentage of those surveyed believe that the reduction will have no effect on sales but on the contrary there will be costs, at the end of the year the normal sale goes from 19 to 16% and the reduced from 7 to 5% as approved by the government. . As an objective within this measure, it is included within the approved package to promote domestic consumption after the stoppage of confinement.

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