First human-tested Covid-19 vaccine reports good results

The company MODERNA, recognized for its prestige in global biotechnology, announced on Monday that the first recently tested human coronavirus vaccine was developed in record time and demonstrated that it is “generally safe and well tolerated” in a first test with 45 free covid volunteers.

“The prototype has generated neutralizing antibody levels in the first eight participants, the body’s defenses that bind to the virus and block its ability to infect cells – similar to or greater than that of the blood of patients who have overcome the disease Moderna said in a statement.

The modern company based in Cambridge (Massachusetts), announced that the vaccine provides the patient “complete protection” against the multiplication of the virus in the lungs of vaccinated and then infected mice, according to tests carried out in collaboration with the National Institute of U.S. Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)

After many tests on animals and small groups of people, the United States government authorized a phase 2 vaccine trial with 600 volunteer covid-free patients to fine-tune the vaccine dose, it is estimated that if all goes well, the company intends a trial with thousands of people in July and thus demonstrate the safety and efficacy of the new vaccine.

“The results are very promising. We are quickly going to phases 2 and 3. We are very well underway to have a vaccine later this year in the US and I hope that in the first part of 2021 in other countries. We are very motivated and proud to humbly continue to have the opportunity to be the first vaccine against covid-19,” explained Spanish pharmacist Juan Andrés, technical director of Moderna.

According to the WHO, the vaccine of the American company is one of 118 registered experimental vaccines, of which eight of them are already authorized for human tests. Despite promising results, the vaccine is still not guaranteed to be effective or safe, in the case of Moderna, the company applies a revolutionary technology never approved in a vaccine.

The key to the virulence of the new coronavirus lies in the proteins of its spicules, those bumps that make it look like a medieval spiked mace under a microscope. Moderna scientists copy the part of the virus’s genetic material – RNA – that contains the instructions for making that protein from the spicule. By injecting that RNA recipe into a person, human cells make only the virus’s protein and, in theory, trigger a safe immune response.

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