Florida: 132 people die in the last 24 hours

In the State of Florida, the death of 132 people from COVID 19 in the last 24 hours was confirmed, so Florida breaks its record compared to last week, when it reached 120 deaths.

In addition, the health authorities reported that 9,194 new cases have occurred due to COVID 19 and with the last 132 deaths registered, Florida would have a total of 4,409 deaths from the virus.

Miami Dade Mayor Francis Suárez commented that it is possible to contain the advance of COVID 19 without affecting the economy, but he does not rule out a new quarantine, “It is something that we are analyzing every day and we are going to take a very difficult decision in the coming days if this does not improve, “said Mayor Suarez.

He also commented that the increase in Covid 19 cases that were registered on July 12 in that state was “not positive”, however, he said that it was “a bit strong” to currently compare Miami with Wuhan when the pandemic started.

“For now, mortality has remained low, we have enough (hospital) capacity for at least the next few weeks and we have taken measures to reduce the curve of the increase in infections. Obviously we need the cooperation of our residents to get to that point, “Were Suárez’s comments.

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