Russia develops combined vaccine to protect against COVID-19, measles and flu

December 21, 2020

The prototype of a combined vaccine against influenza and coronavirus has shown efficacy in laboratory animals, as has the other vaccine that immunizes against measles and Covid 19 was shown to develop strong immune responses in animals.

The two combined vaccines that would protect against COVID-19 and influenza, or against coronavirus and measles, have been developed by the Véktor State Research Center for Virology and Biotechnology.

The director general of the Véktor Center, Rinat Maksiutov, said that the prototype of both vaccines have shown efficacy in laboratory animals.

“This prototype of Covid19 and Flu vaccine has already been tested in laboratory animals, it has demonstrated its ability to generate an immune response and it is being decided to move on to extended preclinical studies,” he explained.

The same scientists have developed in Russia the second vaccine against Covid 19 after Sputnik V, called “EpiVacCorona”, registered in Russia last October.

The combined vaccine that protects against coronavirus and measles simultaneously has also shown great efficacy.

“The first studies carried out in laboratory animals (with a recombinant measles virus vaccine) have shown that a single inoculation ensures the formation of a strong immune response,” said Rinat Maksiutov.

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