Trump pardons two turkeys for Thanksgiving and they will continue their existence on the campus of the University of Iowa

November 25, 2020

The National Turkey Federation presented the White House with two turkeys, Corn and Cob, to whom President Donald Trump offered his forgiveness at the traditional Thanksgiving turkey pardon ceremony at the White House.

The ceremony takes place in the midst of a climate of tension for the nation due to the pandemic and after a difficult electoral climate in which the president refuses to admit his defeat before his opponent Joe Biden.

The Corn turkey was declared the national Thanksgiving turkey, but the two will be moved to their new home on the Iowa State University campus.

In his speech at the event, Trump referred to the early emergency approval of Covid 19 vaccines by federal regulators.

“We give thanks for the vaccines and therapies that will soon end the pandemic,” Trump said.

The turkey ceremony took place, with particular earnestness, on the White House lawn and was attended by more than 100 guests and staff members, most of them wearing masks.

Trump did not accept questions from the press, but in his speech he highlighted the motto of his presidency: “The United States should not move away from that first.”

The practice of sending a turkey to a farm became the norm during Ronald Reagan’s two terms. George H.W. Bush established the pardon tradition in 1989, sparing a 23-kilogram turkey while animal rights activists protested nearby.

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