After three months of quarantine DisneyLand Paris reopens the activities with the mandatory use of a Mask


Today, July 15, the theme park located in Paris, opened its doors under special conditions. Families with their little ones were welcomed by the famous characters invented by Walt Disney, which dates back to the years after the First World War.

“We are feeling an emotion similar to the one we had in April 1992 when the park was first opened,” says Vice President of Sales and Distribution, Javier Moreno.

Natacha Rafalski, who is the president of the park, was the one who reopened the activities with a peculiar flag, this ceremony featured the presentation of a show and music as in all Disney parks.

Visitors were warmly welcomed with applause on the main avenue, which were very excited. The children once again were reunited with the characters that they did not see 3 months ago.

The use of masks is mandatory

Before entering the park, visitors are instructed with the security protocols established by the French Government, these are given by the characters of the movie ‘The Incredibles’. The masks are mandatory for everyone from 11 years old. The floor of the theme park is marked so the social distance can be kept, the staff has installed around 2000 hydro-alcoholic gel dispensers throughout the park.

The sale of tickets is being made only virtually, users who have tickets are required to notify the day they visit, “But the essence is there, Disney’s DNA is, the characters, the magic, the music. Visitors come to take a break from the outside world and the promise is fulfilled”, were the words of Javier Moreno.

The new normal has forced everyone to adapt, and DisneyLand Paris is no exception. The park has arranged to cancel the parades and any activity where there is an agglomeration of people, as well the playgrounds are suspended. But not everything is prohibited, visitors will be able to take photos with their favorite characters since specific places have been marked on the ground.

Limited Capacity

The information about the capacity of visitors in coronavirus time is a mystery, since the Park does not provide exact information, according to other sources reported that of the 80,000 visitors that the park registered in high season would drop to 24,000, in terms of hotels only one is open, but according to its administrators, this will rise as biosecurity measures are implemented for the other hotels, which are 6 in total.

DisneyLand Paris follows in the footsteps of the other parks in the USA, unlike them biosecurity measures are stricter and more limited visiting capacity, which underlines the work that this park has done to ensure that the safety of visitors is its priority.

Another factor that is observed is the presence of foreign visitors, who, if in a certain way they have extreme control, this does not ensure the non-propagation of the coronavirus, which in a certain way alerts local visitors.

The managers of Disney made the following comment “It is time to go out, to take advantage, to spend unique moments with the family. In that we are unique, because we create magic. You have to have moments of happiness and that’s where we have to do our bit, “underlines the vice president.

Children are the most affected in this crisis and most of them dream of returning to their normal activities, which is not seen in the near future, the Parisian park offers the option for everyone to have a pleasant time and leave aside for at least for a short period of time the reality in which we all find ourselves.


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