Armando Manzanero’s famous composition that was covered by Elvis Presley

December 29, 2020

Elvis Presley covered a song by Armando Manzanero
“Somos Novios”, entitled its version in English as “It’s Impossible” which was later performed by dozens of artists

In the last century, it was very common for songs in English to be covered in Spanish by pop artists, but very occasionally the opposite happened.

Such was the case of “Somos novios”, the most famous song by composer Armando Manzanero, which ended up in the mouth of “Rey” Elvis Presley himself, although under the title of “It’s Impossible”.

Although the English version retains the same melody, the lyrics are different but without losing the romantic essence.

“We are boyfriends” narrates from the first person the relationship of a common couple but the version played by Elvis, “It’s Impossible”, shows a more passionate narrator and a little obsessed with his partner.

“It’s Impossible” is often featured on Mr. Elvis Presley’s greatest hits compilations.

The copyright of “Somos Novios” and “It’s Impossible” is somewhat more tangled due to the scope of the subject in English, Manzanero and Wayne had to reach an agreement on the distribution of royalties.

Since then, the song has been covered by dozens of artists, both in English and Spanish, among which are, in Spanish, Luis Miguel, Andrea Bocelli, Christina Aguilera, Marco Antonio Muñiz and Viki Carrar, among others.

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