Instagram and Messenger come together in a single instant messaging system

September 30, 2020

People who use Messenger will now be able to connect with users on Instagram without having to download that application, and vice versa, the information of their contacts, messages and calls will remain on the platform that is used.

“Today, we announced an update to Instagram direct messages by introducing a new Messenger interface in the app. We are combining the functionalities of Messenger and Instagram so that they have access to the best messaging experience, no matter which application they use, ”said Mark Zuckerberg’s executives in a statement.

In addition, they are adding more than 10 new functions, such as emoticons, new reactions in conversations and an option for messages, after being read, to disappear automatically.

The changes are being implemented in some countries and will soon be available worldwide, according to Instagram Director Adam Mosseri and Messenger Representative Stan Chudnovsky.

In addition, the new updates allow to better manage the privacy and security of the users.

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