Ivanka Trump and the controversial photo, causing a stir in networks

Ivanka Trump daughter of United States President Donald Trump has been accused of violating federal law, due to a photo she posted on her social networks holding a can of beans from a well-known Latino company.

Last Tuesday Ivanka was photographed with a can of Goya brand beans, for which she was heavily criticized by the country’s democratic faction. They maintain that this innocent photograph has a political background, which is to position the brand and win the affection of Latinos taking into account the proximity of the presidential elections agreed for the month of November.

“If it’s Goya, it has to be good”, are the words of Ivanka Trump that accompany the suggestive photograph on social networks.

Goya, one of the brands with the largest presence and acceptance in the United States, has positioned itself in this market and is highly recognized by the Latino community, being a company whose founder was a Spanish immigrant.

Goya’s CEO, Rober Unanue visited the White House last Tuesday where he only had words of flattery to the president, “we have all been blessed to have a president like Trump, who is a builder … We pray for our leadership and for our President”. These statements generated the rejection of the Democratic faction and considered them flattering with the government.

Ivanka Trump published the photo in support of the Goya brand and against the boycott that government opponents are trying to carry out against the brand, following Unanue’s statements. However, US law prohibits the advertising products or brands, so Ivanka’s action would be illegal.

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