Kalimba gives details on accusation of sexual abuse of a minor

In December 2010, the famous singer Kalimba was accused of an alleged abuse of a minor, named Daiana Guzmán, for which he was taken to prison in Quintana Roo, Mexico, and was soon released for lack of evidence.

Kalimba recently gave details of why he was in prison. In an interview with the driver, producer and broadcaster Yordi Rosado, he said that he demonstrated his innocence and was not at fault for the lack of evidence against him. He also stated that the attorney for that state, Francisco Alor Quezada, was responsible for his seclusion.

“There were camera videos that could show that she (Daiana Guzmán) came down to hug me, to tell me ‘I loved meeting you.’ That video the attorney disappeared, just like a call that existed to 911,” he said.

He also added that “the reason no one went to testify was because the attorney threatened all the people who were at that party if they declared what did happen (the true version).”

Even the plaintiff’s lawyer became aware of the entire process that was taking place, but also commented that she received threats from the same attorney Alor Quezada

“He went to speak to my lawyer and he said ‘this is an absolute lie; I already cached them, I saw what I was doing and I already know what is happening. But I am threatened by the attorney Alor Quezada and he told me: ‘Where you open your mouth, I see what charges I am going to put on you,’” said the artist.

The judge in charge of the Kalimba case, released the singer for lack of evidence and was released without any fault, on the other hand, the interpreter said that he was a “scapegoat” since his arrest would serve to clean up the image of the attorney.

“They said that every person who was an actor or actress, or famous and who had a little money, he was friends with them and let them go even though they committed crimes. He said: ‘This one doesn’t go away. I’m going to show that it didn’t help the artists, “he said.

Kalimba was able to give these details of his case from years ago because Francisco Alor Quezada had died on June 3.

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