Leonardo da Vinci would have portrayed the ‘true’ face of Christ in a drawing that was recently found

November 20, 2020

After the discovery, it could be concluded that the disputed painting of the “Salvator Mundi”, the work attributed to the genius of the Renaissance and the most expensive in history, would be a false face.

The drawing of the true face of Salvator Mundi sketched by Leonardo da Vinci was discovered in a private collection in Italy and would be the true face of Christ.

The scholar Annalisa Di Maria, a member of the committee of experts in Art and Literature of the UNESCO center in Florence, announced through a press conference that she discovered in a private collection in Lecco, Genoa, a drawing made with the so-called “sanguine” technique. , and that represents the face of Christ and that without a doubt belongs to the master da Vinci.

“This is the real ‘Salvator Mundi’. The face represented is placed in three-quarters like most of the subjects painted by Vinci’s master, that is, in movement and with impressive dynamism ”, Di Maria explained.

The drawing represents Christ in the middle of the bust and with his hand raised, in the same gesture as the painting “Salvator Mundi” sold at the auction in Abu Dhabi.

The report on the work is written in 60 pages, and concludes that the painting “Salvator Mundi” sold in November 2017 for the record sum of 450 million dollars (379.5 million euros) would not belong to the Tuscan genius because Leonardo He would never have painted it like that, head-on, he says.

Furthermore, laboratory studies on the old sheet of paper and photographic examinations revealed that “the sheet used for this sanguine can be dated around the 16th century,” he added.

“From the work, before the restoration, the great distance of the line, the details and the technique used in this painting is clearly evident, which are not attributable at all to Leonardo’s hand and observing the work after the restoration, we notice a very different footprint from the original, a too Leonardian trait that it didn’t have before, ”he clarified.

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