First bionic eye transplant to human will be performed by Australian scientists

September 19, 2020

After more than 10 years developing the technology, researchers at Monash University (Melbourne, Australia) are preparing to begin the first clinical trials in humans of a bionic device that could cure human blindness through the placement of an implant in the surface of the brain.

Arthur Lowery, principal investigator of the project, says that the first implantation of a bionic eye in the world will be carried out by a team of engineers and doctors from said university.

“The objective of cortical vision prostheses is to restore the visual perception of those who have lost their vision by administering electrical stimulation to the visual cortex”, explains the professional.

In addition, he says the technology could also help treat other conditions, such as limb paralysis.

The Gennaris Bionic Vision System was designed to bypass damaged optic nerves and allow signals to be transmitted from the retina to the brain’s vision center.

The bionic eye is composed of a camera, a wireless transmitter, a data processing unit, and a set of 9x9mm plates implanted in the brain.

The device’s camera captures the images and sends them to the vision processor, where they are processed and finally sent the data wirelessly to the plate implanted in the brain.

If successful, they will seek to create a company focused on providing vision to people with incurable blindness and movement to those paralyzed with quadriplegia, revolutionizing their medical care.

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