Space tourism will be a reality!


Thanks to the technological advances of recent times, space tourism has become possible.

Pablo León, director of the Human Spaceflight Laboratory, University of North Dakota mentions “These flights are going to be suborbital, where you are going to see the curvature of the earth and the atmosphere, and then return to earth. They will be able to experience lack of gravity for a few minutes before being drawn back by the gravitational force. “

Virgin Galactic and Blue Origen are the companies that could take the first tourists to space. These have more than 10 years expanding the systems that would make the long-awaited space tourism possible. The duration of these trips would be for just a few minutes, but prices will range from hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Entrepreneur Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Galactic, has been developing the VSS Unity, which is a rocket-powered aircraft that could take travelers to the edge of space. The cost of a trip ranges from $ 200,000 to $ 250,000. The company claims that it has received around 600 reservations.

Meanwhile, Blue Origin, owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, has been developing the reusable New Shepard rocket, which will carry a capsule with tourists an average of 100 km in height. They have not yet revealed when the ticket sales began or what the cost of a trip would be.

Companies like Space Perspective and World View want to travel to the edge of space with tourists, using pressurized capsules suspended from a balloon.

It is thanks to the work of Visionary entrepreneurs that the industry has been developing in these times. The first space trips would start a new job and business market.

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