They find more than 10 species of fish capable of walking out of water

September 15, 2020

Although it seems incredible, the fish that walked the earth millions of years ago were more than previously thought.

A recent study published in the scientific journal ‘Journal of Morphology’ has concluded after a detailed analysis of the skeletons of the Asian hill family of fish.

They identified around no less than 11 species of fish that can walk out of water, thanks to their bone structure.

Only one species of fish with this capacity was known in the world, the Cryptotora Thamicola from Thailand, which thanks to the structure of its fins could even climb rocky slopes of streams.

The published study included the analysis of the bone structure of at least 29 different species of the Balitoridae family, Asian freshwater fish that are also called loaches, and have the same bone structure as the Cryptotora Thamicola species.

Fish do not usually have a connection between the spine and the pelvic fin, but Cryptotora thamicola possesses it and that is why biologists considered it a unique species until now that this characteristic was found in other species.

After analyzing the DNA of these fish, it was understood that this peculiarity of moving on land is genetically transmitted. Thus, the scientists consider that: “This is an important test to understand evolution and they set out to go deeper into the studies to understand how the first terrestrial vertebrates were able to get out of the water and adapt to life on earth.”

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