Woman referee makes history by directing men’s soccer match in the Champions League

December 3, 2020

Stephanie Frappart is the first woman to lead a men’s Champions League match, she has managed to break down multiple barriers in world football and make history after having led Europa League and European Super Cup matches.

Women in football are increasingly gaining prominence and relevance, one who has managed to break several barriers is Stephanie Frappart, who on December 2 made history in the Champions League.

For matchday 5 of the group stage of the men’s Champions League, Frappart was appointed to referee the match between Juventus of Italy and Dinamo Kiev.

The historic decision did not go unnoticed as the 36-year-old referee became the first woman to lead a match in this competition.

The match ended with the score 3-0 in favor of Juventus and Frappart’s work was not criticized, which shows that opportunities must continue to arrive in international football.

Refereeing a men’s Champions League match is just one of Stephanie’s great achievements, since for several years, the French referee has had constant appointments that have allowed her to make a name for herself in history.

In addition to directing matches at the Women’s World Cups in Canada 2015 and France 2019, Frappart has also managed to be at the forefront of the second division in France and in 2019 of the men’s first division of French football (in the Amiens vs Strasburg match) and in the French Cup and League Cup.

In 2019, she became the first woman to coach the UEFA Super Cup final (Liverpool vs Chelsea) and 2020 made history in the Europa League.

Frappart started in the refereeing world at age 13 and has since earned the respect of world football.

“There is no difference, soccer is the same. It is the teams that play differently, but it is the same game for men and women ”said Stephanie before whistling the final of the European Super Cup in 2019.

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