Amazon debuts a shopping cart to eliminate contact at ATMs

Faced with the pandemic in which we find ourselves submerged, Amazon has decided to use smart shopping carts in one of its supermarkets in Los Angeles.

Its name is Dash Cart and it is something really accurate for this time of coronavirus. They made use of a common massive object and made it an extraordinary novelty.

It will be released in Woodland Hills, with the purpose of making purchases easier and less risky, especially in these current times, where we must choose to keep the least contact with people around us in order to avoid Covid 19.

It will work as a walking box, while we are adding products to the car, the products will be identified in it, linking to your Amazon account. The cart will weigh the products and the prices will be shown on the screen. The number of two market bags has been estimated as the limit capacity of the Dash Carts, for now they can only be used in Woodland Hills Amazon, we hope to see them in our regions.

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