US fighter jets will have laser technology for their protection

September 19, 2020

The Lockheed Martin Corporation has committed to equipping US warplanes with defensive lasers by 2025 to shoot down air-to-air or surface-to-air missiles.

The US Air Force implements this technology within the framework of the Self-Protection High Energy Laser Demonstrator (ShiELD) program as it considers laser systems as weapons with “unlimited” ammunition with a cost per shot very low.

According to Flightglobal, the promising system will be called TALWS (Tactical Airborne Laser Weapons System) and includes three types of systems: target designators, defense lasers and lasers for the destruction of other aircraft.

In the first stage of the project, a laser will be implemented for the self-defense of combat aircraft, this laser should work effectively in flights at subsonic, transonic and supersonic speeds.

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