Is Manuel Neuer a fascist? A filter video of the goalkeeper singing undemocratic anthem

The genius and figure of Bayern Munich, the German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, has again attracted attention, but this time not for his football performance. It is a video of the athlete shared on social networks.

The player was at a boat party in Croatia, along with some friends singing stanzas of a song titled ‘Lijepa li si’ (‘You are so beautiful’). The song belongs to the controversial Croatian band ‘Thompson’, a group known for composing lyrics with xenophobic, racist and undemocratic messages.

The group interpreting the song, is famous for extolling fascism and its name would make allegory to the brand of the machine gun that its leader, Marko Perkovic, used to fight in the Croatian War of Independence.

The song that Neuer sang was sung by the band’s leader, who has been singled out as a supporter of the Croatian Pro-Nazi regime, and is usually sung by ultra-nationalist fans.

Although his representative has come to explain that the doorman did not understand the song because the German does not speak Croatian, not knowing what he was saying, much less understanding the impact that this could cause. Neuer, for his part, has not made any statement regarding the controversial situation in which he finds himself.

Neuer is the multi-champion of Bayern Munich, within the German Bundesliga and the Champions League, without forgetting that he was champion of the 2014 Brazil World Cup.

His return is expected on August 8, facing Chelsea in the knockout stages of the Champions League.

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